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Rum Butter Makes the Mahi Better.

For most “National Rum Day” on August 16th means a cocktail, but why should that be the only way to celebrate rum? Boca Grove’s Executive Chef Dominick Laudia has given us the recipe for the “Boca Grove Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich with Rum Butter” that is available on our regular Grille Room lunch menu. All you need to make this dish for two is toasted hoagie rolls, Pineapple Caribbean Slaw, diced tomatoes, Jerk Lime Mayo, fried plantains, mahi mahi fillets, and of course the Rum Butter.
For the Rum Butter:
6 oz.                      Butter, Soft
2 oz.                      Rum      
1 tsp.                     Honey
Heat the rum over high heat to cook off some of the alcohol.
Allow to cool.
Whip butter and honey together.
Mix in the rum and chill.
For the Pineapple Caribbean Slaw:
½ cup                    Pineapple, Diced Fine
2 cups                   Shredded Cabbage
¼ cup                    Shredded Carrots
2 oz.                      Rice Wine Vinegar
1 oz.                      Olive Oil
Pinch                     Sugar
As needed            Salt and Pepper
1 tbsp.                  Cilantro, Chopped Fine
Combine all ingredients together.
For the Jerk Lime Mayo:
1 cup                     Mayonnaise
2 oz.                      Wet Jerk Spice (can use dry, but moisten with water)
1 oz.                      Lime Juice
Combine all ingredients together.
Slit open hoagie roll and spread with rum butter, and lightly toast.
Brush mahi fillets with the Rum Butter.
Place fish on charcoal grill and cook until flaky.
Place fish on the toasted hoagie roll.
Top with Jerk Lime Mayo.
Top with Pineapple Caribbean Slaw and diced tomatoes.
Serve with fried plantains and extra Rum Butter.
Shh! Don’t tell anyone you have the recipe and enjoy it with a Rum Runner.           
Posted: 8/11/2017 8:52:28 AM by Heather Dupree