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Doughnuts Make the Milkshake

Today is “National Doughnut Day” and while everyone is getting their fill we want to provide you with something to really bring the day full circle. How, you ask? Boca Grove Executive Chef Dominick Laudia has put together his “Doughnut Coffee Milkshake” to make today perfect. 
For the Milkshake:
2 scoops                Coffee Ice Cream (each scoop equals 8 oz.)
2 oz.                      Brewed Coffee, Chilled
2 cups                   Milk
6 each                   Mini Doughnuts
Place the ice cream, coffee and milk in a blender.
Blend until mixed.
Crumble three of the mini doughnuts and add to the milkshake.
Stir in the crumbled doughnuts (do not blend).
Pour into a tall glass.
Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Garnish with 3 mini doughnuts on a straw.
This is the perfect end of day treat, or morning, or afternoon, or really, an anytime treat. This is ideal for when you need a coffee and doughnut fix. 
Posted: 6/2/2017 1:05:06 PM by Heather Dupree