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Your Sweet Tea Just Got Twisted

June has the last day of school, the first day of summer, the beginning of hurricane season, “National Ice Tea Day” and “National Bourbon Day”. What do all of these events have in common? A “Bourbon Sweet Tea” drink recipe from that will help you on those days you wish the kids were be back in school; provide an adult beverage for those weekends by the pool; serve as the perfect concoction for a hurricane party (hopefully this one doesn’t come true); and be the best way to celebrate the national holidays all summer long. The recipe makes about 1 gallon or 16 glasses, so share with friends or keep it for yourself (just don’t drink it all at once because you won’t remember summer if you do).
For the Bourbon Sweet Tea:
4 cups                   Boiling Water
1 cup                     Sugar
12 each                 Black Tea Bags
6 cups                   Cold Water
3 cups                   Crushed Ice, plus more for serving
24 oz.                    Bourbon (about one 750 ml bottle)
Combine the boiling water and sugar in a heatproof container.
Stir until the sugar dissolves.
Add the tea bags and steep for 5 minutes.
Remove tea bags and discard.
Pour the tea base into a heatproof pitcher or serving jar.
Add the cold water, ice and bourbon.
Stir well and refrigerate until ready to serve.
To serve, fill a highball glass or Old Fashioned glass with ice and pour mixture.
Garnish with mint and lemon slices.
Your sweet ice tea summer drink just became an adult. Just remember to drink responsibly.     
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