Junior Tennis

Our experienced and professional Boca Grove tennis staff is here to help our younger players acquire better skills and enthusiasm for the game. Weekly clinics and seasonal camps are geared towards juniors of all age levels where each is placed in a program appropriate to his or her skills. We are one of the first Florida clubs to adopt the QuickStart tennis format, which regulates play for younger children by using smaller nets set up alternatively on full sized courts, using lower compression or foam balls, smaller racquets and simple scoring, all regulated by the United States Tennis Association. 

Boca Grove also places an emphasis on our youth tennis programs. The importance of proper technique, practice, and etiquette is often established when players are young and impressionable. Boca Grove tennis programs are geared towards building a solid foundation for our future generation of members and players. 


Junior Clinics:



Short Shots at 4:00 pm
     Ages 4-7 (Red Dot Balls)

Junior Development at 5:00 pm
     Ages 8-12 (Regular Balls)



Junior Development at 5:00 pm
     Ages 8-12 (Regular Balls)



Strokes & Games at 9:30 am
    Ages 7-11 (Green Dot Balls)

Girls Clinic/Lesson at 10:30 am
    Ages 10-16 (Drills, Point
    Play & Strategy)

Play Day at 2:00 pm
    Level Based


Junior Development at 9:30 am    
     Ages 8-12 (Regular Balls)

High Performance at 2:00 pm    
     Ages 13 & Up (Regular Balls)