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Dress Code:

Come dressed to impress at every meal with these guidelines.

Check the menu or calendar for the proper dress code each day.

  • Casual Attire (C):
    • Shorts, dry athletic apparel, jeans (no holes) and t-shirts are permitted.  No tank tops for men. 
  • Elegant Casual Attire (EC) - Upscale Dining:
    • Dressy jeans (no holes) permitted.
    • The following are not permitted: Shorts, short sleeve collarless shirts (t-shirts), athletic apparel, tank tops, caps (for men) and open-toe shoes (for men).
  • Jackets (J):
    • ​​Jacket and/or tie required for select holiday evening events.   
  • Footwear:
    • Footwear must be worn at all times in the dining rooms.
  • Hats:
    • All are required to remove their hats whenever entering any of the dining areas within the clubhouse except in the bar area in Chippers.
    • Hats must face bill-forward when worn.  Additionally, gentlemen are encouraged to remove their hats when entering the clubhouse in general. 


Dresscode by Venue:

  • Windows Dining Room
    • Lunch: Casual Attire (C )
    • Dinner: Elegantly Casual Attire (EC)
    • Sunday Night Dinner:  May through September —Casual Attire (C)
  • Grove Room & Grove Bar:
    • Lunch: Casual Attire (C)
    • Dinner: Elegantly Casual Attire (EC)
  • Chippers Sports Bar:
    • Lunch: Casual Attire (C))
    • Dinner: Casual Attire (C)
  • Special Events/Holidays: 
    • Attire will vary depending upon event.